Sunday School

What Sunday School Is at Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove Baptist believes that community does not happen effectively in rows - but in circles. Rows are important as we experience worship, it tends to help us stay focused on that need. However, circles are better than rows when it comes to community. If the Church is to become the powerful force that God intended we need worship and community. Circles are places you can know and be known, love and be loved. Circles are places that we can share life together. It is easy to fall out of Church but it is hard to fall out of Community. God made us for relationships. 

For the kids

At Cedar Grove we believe the Bible is for all ages and stages of life.  So, even our toddlers have their own Sunday School class with loving, dedicated teachers!  Our children’s Sunday School classes are arranged by age/grade.  The curriculum selected is age-appropriate for each class and includes not only Bible stories, but memory verses, hands-on activities, music, crafts and snacks.  Children are encouraged to bring their Bibles and we also have children’s Bibles available in all the classes.  Our Sunday School classes also reinforce giving and sharing with others.  Currently we are collecting money to benefit the Backpack Buddies food program for the Leeds & Moody schools. 

Come join us!

We would love to have you join us this Sunday morning. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. We would love to help you find your place here at Cedar Grove! See below for a list of our current Sunday School classes. All classes begin @ 9:00 am Sunday morning.


Women of Faith
(w/ Silvia Smith)

Potter's Place
(w/ Howard Goss)

Charles Sheppard

Ron Fortenberry

Neal Owings

F.A.I.T.H Riders
(w/ Steve Whitley)

(w/ Billy McReynolds)

(w/ Jean Palmer)

Women at the Well
(w/ Diane Gilmer)

(w/ Elease Huckeba)

Young Adult
(w/ Massey--Moody)

Young Adult
(w/ Michael McCulley)


3rd - 5th

1st - 2nd

Ages 4 & 5

Age 3

Age 2

Age 1


Age Group













6th-12th Grade

New Building


Room 103

Fireside Room

Room 104

Room 102

Room 308

Room 306
(behind the banquet hall)

Room 102

Room 104

Room 103

Room 306
(Choir Room)

Fireside Room

Room 308

(Boys- large room on right)
(Girls- room at end of 2nd hall)

Room 303/304

Room 301

Room 104

Room 106

Room 110

Room 111

Room 109